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Different Therapies.

The basis of my philosophy is the respect of the individual, in doing so, this involves responding to each individual, with diversity, sensitively, integrity, effectively. The following area combination of the psychological approaches used as an integrative Psychotherapist


Integrative Therapy.
This relational approach, combines several theoretical approaches. Humanistic, Developmental & Analytical. In assessing which models are appropriate for the individual, a therapist will use a combination of approaches, to meet the individual needs. Genuineness, non judgmental attitudes, and congruence are at the heart of all therapies.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT)
This process is achieved by helping the patient, to bring change with both the emotional and behavioural aspects of their personality. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, enables the patient to see the positive aspects of their lives, enabling self worth, and self esteem, to be developed.

The Psycho-dynamic approach to counselling is the bringing together the cognitive, emotional and spirit of the individual.

Developmental Therapy.
Looks at the human being, through the process of constant growth, through physical and psychological stages. Our environment creates many difficulties, such as home life, work/family relationships or traumas. All have an impact on the transitional stages of growth in our life.

This approach considers the wholeness of the individual and enables them to recognise the possibility of their own potential.

>Transactional Analysis
This philosophy is based on the idea ‘People are OK’. People decide their own destiny, and learnt decisions in life can be changed.

Person Centered Therapy
This approach provides an opportunity for the individual to grow at their own pace. The person is encouraged to take control of his or her life. Opportunities are explored for the individua,l to understand, to grow, and protect themselves in their daily life.

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