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Who perhaps would benefit ,from Counselling, or Psychotherapy ? What is it all about ?

KATE LOISEAU - M.A. U.K.C.P. Reg: Psychotherapist M.B.A.C.P. Reg: Psychotherapist

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Counselling is for people like you and I, who are trying to get on with life. Sometimes, events in our life interrupt our way of living; this can be difficult and can cause distress and chaos. We may become frightened at not being able to carry out day to day tasks, which may leave us vulnerable. It often helps to talk to a professional therapist, someone who maybe able to reassure you that your behaviour is not so strange, but may have changed as a result of anxiety, stress, associated with an area of difficulty we may be experiencing in our lives. We might even be experiencing some personality change, as a result of problems at work, issues at home, a new relationship, or erhaps you are just not sure what is going on in your life that makes things so difficult. A professional therapist can help to put some order back into our life – to make sense out of the nonsense that has created perhaps your vulnerability .

There maybe times in our life, that we find that we are unhappy, and yet unable to identify the problem.
There maybe times we may feel that we are dissatisfied with our lives and not sure why
It might be that we need to consider changing some aspects of our lifestyle, our job, relationships, other long term issues, or consider challenging yourself to a long considered goal you thought bout often.

At the first meeting I will assess, whether Counselling or Psychotherapy is most appropriate for you. There is no commitment for you to continue to arrange further sessions at this stage, at the end of each session you will have the opportunity of deciding whether you feel comfortable with this process. I will guide you towards understanding the way forward, and recommend whether further sessions will be appropriate. But of course the end the decision is in your hands.

I offer Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Children/Young Adults.

Couples will normally attend the first session together, time will be set aside during this session for each partner to express their anxieties and misunderstandings. After this initial session it may be appropriate for you both to attend one or more sessions individually.
By giving the time to listen to one another, you may become aware that the way forward is clearer for you both, to make whatever decision you feel is right for you.

Children/Young Adults - I am a trained Sand Therapist and welcome children and adults to work and play through their difficulties. I work with children of all ages and adjust my approach accordingly.
It is often so difficult for children to express their internal world, working with a medium such as sand gives children an opportunity to choose how they tell their story in a safe and protected environment. This helps them to feel less vulnerable and increases their self worth, self esteem and confidence.
Teenage years can be an uncomfortable time, and often young people appear to be withdrawn and communication difficult. At this stage the difficulty for the teenager is the transition from childhood to adulthood and they feel lost and misunderstood.

    Are you concerned about the following?

  • Has your child stopped talking to you?

  • Has their behaviour changed?

  • Are you simply worried that, as a result of change in the family unit, you are not sure if they are happy?

  • Is there some concern that they maybe being bullied in school?

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